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This vegetable oil press is designed for cold pressing of canola,sunflower and other oil seeds without any seed conditioning. Its simple, reliable and maintenance-free drive line makes possible continuous operation of the press all year around. The worm shaft of this 180 kg / h capacity press is driven by a set of V-belt drive through a gear reduction transfer case.  In pre-pressing mode this unit has 800 kg/h capacity.  In such application this type is used in one of Hungary's most advanced vegetable oil plants in Sarkad.
We sell our vegetable oil presses, whether in a small capacity shop or an industrial-size plant, as part of the technological unit engineered for the intended purpose and needs of the operation, or integrated into an existing infrastructure.  We can provide further information or advice regarding our vegetable oil presses in the knowledge of the purpose of the operation (intended use of output and side products) and details of the existing infrastructure.
FL-200 típusú növényolaj prés

Technical details

Technical data


Width (mm)


Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Electric power supply (V)

3x400 V / 50Hz

Eceltric motor (KW)


Press capacity - canola (kg / h)


Gearbox oil

VG 220

Gearbox oil requirement (l)


Noise level (dB)

max. 70

Súly (kg)


Presshead heating (min)

not needed

Cake dimensions - depending on press settings

0,5-1,0 mm thick cake

Input oily seed condition requirements

min. 15 °C  kernel temperature and 5-7% moisture content

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